Dresden FATE

And So It Begins

The group, collected from their various fields of study, were brought together at a funeral. The Naga wizard, Pohl, offered the group a contract: Recover for the Naga a casket of faerie, and they will answer one question for you. With individual hesitations and bargaining, the group took up the cause and began preparations.

Gustav vs. the Visions:
Merovech vs. :
Thomas Hobbes vs. the Date:
Ingram vs. the Blood Work: Pulling on his biomancy craft, Ingram collected a sample of Thomas’s blood. The reasoning behind this spell was it would be better to try and free Thomas from one of his many sources of danger (next step, stitching his mouth shut). Liara, with the help of the Naga, shielded Thomas as Ingram pulled off an unusual thaumaturgical spell: spoiling blood. Ingram’s spell, using Thomas’s blood as focus, sent forth energy to purge any life and use from Thomas’s blood.
Liara vs. the Gypsum:

Following these individual tasks, the group headed to find the Ring of Fire. The Ring, made of the same energy of the caskets, would help the group divine where they should look. The Naga had hidden the ring away in the Gorge of Gilded Gates. The Way to get there was short but dangerous: open a way at ________, travel through the Gorge, and confront the Naga guardian. However, everything went awry when the compatriat of Malkalith was encountered. The compariat was hoping on rock pillars over a field of lava. During this encounter, a massive, fiery beast was able to attack them from below.

The Funeral
The supernatural powers of San Francisco meet to say goodby

The group returned from the Nevernever to find that Fugro Pelagros had been attacked, and that Adjai, the head of security for Fugro Pelagros, and a number of other employees had been killed in the attack. The Rod of Jeigri and the rings that the group had recovered had not been lost to the enemy, thanks to a ward spell that protected them. This spell “shunted” the rings and rod to locations unknown by the employees, but into the hands of random security teams around the world.

A few weeks after the attack, the group was invited to a funeral service for Adjai, to be held at Stinson Beach, north of San Francisco. The group assembled as the sun set. They were initially confronted by an unnamed Fae in dark gray armor tinged with bright blue. As the newcomer was about to speak – or snarl something to Merovic, they were interrupted by a large man in a black kimono. He introduced himself as Ryujin and explained that he would be keeping the peace and making sure that there would be no fighting during the event.

Several other people showed up for the funeral – Alessandra and Rinaldo of the Red Court, Isabella of the White Court, Pohl, King Ekavir and Queen Anoujh of the Naga, Diane of the Summer Court, Drago of the Carolingians, Theodore and Tremane of the White Council and a mysterious woman dressed in green known only as Shiori.

As the funeral ritual was prepared the scene was rife with tension as opposing groups were gathered in close proximity. Some, like Alessandra and Isabella took the opportunity to hatch nefarious schemes. Gustav, skilled in information gathering, took the opportunity to move around the attendants, trying to determine what the main topics of conversation. It seemed like Merovic was a popular topic. Drago was approached by Liona, but he assumed she was a servant and treated her rudely. Merovic moved over to confront his families enemy and assist her.

When the funeral rite was ready, the group moved to the waterline where the King and Queen had prepared a large turtle shell filled with oily seaweed. Adjai’s body was brought out of the water by Naga guards and placed in the shell. The shell was moved further into the water, then held so that people could say words on Adjais behalf.

The first to speak was Amarok Rei Nevasca, herald to the Winter Queen. He shifted from a humanoid form to that of a huge winter wolf as he moved to the head of the gathering. His words dripped disgust and anger as he explained that Adjai’s death had done nothing to change the Courts attitude towards the Naga, and that the betrayers had gotten what they deserved. The group was rather shocked by his venemous words. Others spoke, and then Adjai’s body was pushed out into the water and archers set the pyre on fire.

Face to Face with the Sphinx, finally!
Doors thrown wide open, but the path more obscure than ever

The battle with the palace guard continues. At this point, Thomas has escorted Celeste into the protection of the hallway, while Merovic contends with the Ogre and Rafe holds the Elvin guard at bay.

Merovic continues to confound the Ogre, bouncing around acrobatically and just staying out of reach of the Ogres massive blade. As we rejoin the battle, Merovic springs off the Ogres tree-trunk sized thigh, back to the sandy wall, and back at the Ogres head, delivering a blow that knocks the Ogre’s helmet sideways on his head, obscuring his view.

The Elf guard half way up the stairs attempts to cut Rafe in two, but Rafe is quick and manages to avoid most of the blow, tacking a cut across the ribs. Meanwhile, the Ogre guard, frustrated now at his helmet, yanks it off and discards it before focusing again on Merovic.

Rafe attempts to gain an edge on the Elf guard by grabbing a hand full of sand and throwing it in the Elfs face. The elf catches the sand full in the face and cries out, blinded by the sand in his eyes.

Thomas realizes that the group may have to flee down the hall, and begins to look for a way to slow the guards pursuit. He sees that the hall is decorated with a number of flag poles that may be used either as makeshift weapons, or as help to block the hall or slow the guards. He looks to Celeste to get her to help gather the flags, but she is in a state of near panic. She has never seen, or dealt with things like this, and she is having trouble coping. Thomas speaks to her in a commanding tone, snapping her out of her panic and inspiring her to action as they begin to collect the flags along the hallway. Once gathered, they begin to lay out a trap for the guards

Merovic decides to use the Ogres massive but reckless swings to his advantage, and maneuvers himself between the Ogre and the Elf, taunting the Ogre. The Ogre plays into his hands, and as he again swings his massive sword, Merovic leaps out of the way, leaving the Elf guard in the path of the blade. The Ogre’ swing cuts the Elf guard in half.

As the Elf guard dies, he slumps against the stone wall. His form sloughs off black sand, revealing a body and equipment that has been dead and unused for hundreds of years.

Rafe, now free of the Elf guard, turns his attention to the Ogre. Calling forth his magic, he creates a block of force around the Ogre’s feet, pinning it in place. Merovic sees this and takes the opportunity to land a nasty blow on the Ogres foot, hobbleing it.

From the hallway, Thomas sees that the battle is still engaged. His battle lust, and his desire to aid his friends and vanquish the Ogre overcome his protectiveness of Celeste, and he grabs one of the spear-like flag poles and heaves it at the Ogre. But the brute sees it coming and deflects it with a swing of his arm.

Merovic realizes that the battle is pretty much won – that they can dispatch the Ogre at any time, and that the longer they delay the more reinforcements will show up. Rather than continue the fight, he decides to attempt to intimidate the Ogre into letting them pass. “We have strength and magic on our side, and we have beaten your band. You can die here on these steps, or you can surrender and live.”

The Ogre looks around at the devastation the group has caused and realizes that it is now 3 on 1, and reinforcements will not arrive soon enough. He looks with venom at Merovic and says “Very well, you have bested me.” The Ogre takes a knee, laying his sword on the steps beside him. Merovic is taken aback, suspicious that the guard would give in so easily. “That was too easy. Why did you give up?” The Ogre looks Merovic in the eyes and says “What lies inside is much, much worse, and you still have to try to leave.”

Concerned, but realizing they have the break they need, the group enters into the hallway, and into the Palace proper.

Session 2: Intro Adventure
Only you can save my soul

(Some of the names may be wrong. I apologize – it was a while ago)

One evening after services let out, Father Francis contacted Ashir at St. Annes. He asked Ashir to look in on one of the Parish families – the Rodrigues family – who was experiencing some hardships. Their daughter Melissa had slipped into a coma that doctors couldn’t explain or seem to do anything about. Father Francis was concerned that maybe it was an unnatural event.

Ashir gathered his friends Frost, Merovic, and Thomas and went to investigate. The Rodrigues’ lived in a large apartment building several blocks from the church. Maria, the mother, was skeptical at first – she was tired of doctors and faith healers coming to try to help her daughter with no results, but Ashir and Thomas were able to comfort her and gain her trust. They questioned her about her daughter, her daughters condition, and asked to see Melissa. Maria answered their questions, explaining that Melissa was a good girl, but had recently fallen for a boy who was thought to be a member of the local gang – Los Tibrones. Then she took them to see Melissa.

Once in her room, Ashir and Thomas were able let Merovic and Frost in through the window. They had been waiting outside the house, fearful that their presence would be off-putting to Melissa’s parents. Melissa’s room was pretty typical for a teenage girl, but there were a few things that the group noticed. Before slipping into this mysterious coma, Melissa had removed all of the religious icons and elements from her room and thrown them away – the cross that hung on her wall, the painting of Jesus, etc.

Also, shortly before she slipped into her coma, her boyfriend had given her a large full length antique mirror, which now dominated her room. It was an old piece, well made and beautifully crafted. Frost performed some investigative magic, checking the room for supernatural residue, but found little. The room was pretty normal, and the mirror was mundane, but its surface did have some evidence of Faerie magic.

With little to go on, the decided to go and talk to the boyfriend to find out more about the mirror.

Playtest Adventure - the setup
Testing out the rules for the first time.

One of the things I like most about this game is the collaborative spirit the game fosters between all of the players and the GM. The City the group is based in is created as a group, and the characters grow out of that process with input from the entire group.

Since all of our players were familiar with San Francisco, we decided to base the game there. We began to create location and supporting characters that would either be a useful contact for a member of the group, or a potential adversary.

Then we began to create characters. We initially started with Frost – Knight of the Winter Court, Ashir Jacobs, created in the image of the great dragon Ferrovax, Merovic, a half-fay changeling who is part of an ancient line, and Thomas Hobbes, the devout avenging arm of the Lord.

Ashir resided in St. Annes church in the sunset, and was befriended by Father Francis, who is “in the know”.

Frost resided in a “safe zone” in the Labyrinth – a maze of tunnels and passages under the Sunset district.

Merovic, possessed of great resources, had modified Coit Tower so that it acted as a gate to his families Domain in the Nevernever.

Thomas Hobbs was a transient who moved between churches and missions, helping where he could and finding shelter and food in return for his service.

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