Dresden FATE

And So It Begins

The group, collected from their various fields of study, were brought together at a funeral. The Naga wizard, Pohl, offered the group a contract: Recover for the Naga a casket of faerie, and they will answer one question for you. With individual hesitations and bargaining, the group took up the cause and began preparations.

Gustav vs. the Visions:
Merovech vs. :
Thomas Hobbes vs. the Date:
Ingram vs. the Blood Work: Pulling on his biomancy craft, Ingram collected a sample of Thomas’s blood. The reasoning behind this spell was it would be better to try and free Thomas from one of his many sources of danger (next step, stitching his mouth shut). Liara, with the help of the Naga, shielded Thomas as Ingram pulled off an unusual thaumaturgical spell: spoiling blood. Ingram’s spell, using Thomas’s blood as focus, sent forth energy to purge any life and use from Thomas’s blood.
Liara vs. the Gypsum:

Following these individual tasks, the group headed to find the Ring of Fire. The Ring, made of the same energy of the caskets, would help the group divine where they should look. The Naga had hidden the ring away in the Gorge of Gilded Gates. The Way to get there was short but dangerous: open a way at ________, travel through the Gorge, and confront the Naga guardian. However, everything went awry when the compatriat of Malkalith was encountered. The compariat was hoping on rock pillars over a field of lava. During this encounter, a massive, fiery beast was able to attack them from below.



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