Dresden FATE

Playtest Adventure - the setup

Testing out the rules for the first time.

One of the things I like most about this game is the collaborative spirit the game fosters between all of the players and the GM. The City the group is based in is created as a group, and the characters grow out of that process with input from the entire group.

Since all of our players were familiar with San Francisco, we decided to base the game there. We began to create location and supporting characters that would either be a useful contact for a member of the group, or a potential adversary.

Then we began to create characters. We initially started with Frost – Knight of the Winter Court, Ashir Jacobs, created in the image of the great dragon Ferrovax, Merovic, a half-fay changeling who is part of an ancient line, and Thomas Hobbes, the devout avenging arm of the Lord.

Ashir resided in St. Annes church in the sunset, and was befriended by Father Francis, who is “in the know”.

Frost resided in a “safe zone” in the Labyrinth – a maze of tunnels and passages under the Sunset district.

Merovic, possessed of great resources, had modified Coit Tower so that it acted as a gate to his families Domain in the Nevernever.

Thomas Hobbs was a transient who moved between churches and missions, helping where he could and finding shelter and food in return for his service.



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