Dresden FATE

Session 2: Intro Adventure

Only you can save my soul

(Some of the names may be wrong. I apologize – it was a while ago)

One evening after services let out, Father Francis contacted Ashir at St. Annes. He asked Ashir to look in on one of the Parish families – the Rodrigues family – who was experiencing some hardships. Their daughter Melissa had slipped into a coma that doctors couldn’t explain or seem to do anything about. Father Francis was concerned that maybe it was an unnatural event.

Ashir gathered his friends Frost, Merovic, and Thomas and went to investigate. The Rodrigues’ lived in a large apartment building several blocks from the church. Maria, the mother, was skeptical at first – she was tired of doctors and faith healers coming to try to help her daughter with no results, but Ashir and Thomas were able to comfort her and gain her trust. They questioned her about her daughter, her daughters condition, and asked to see Melissa. Maria answered their questions, explaining that Melissa was a good girl, but had recently fallen for a boy who was thought to be a member of the local gang – Los Tibrones. Then she took them to see Melissa.

Once in her room, Ashir and Thomas were able let Merovic and Frost in through the window. They had been waiting outside the house, fearful that their presence would be off-putting to Melissa’s parents. Melissa’s room was pretty typical for a teenage girl, but there were a few things that the group noticed. Before slipping into this mysterious coma, Melissa had removed all of the religious icons and elements from her room and thrown them away – the cross that hung on her wall, the painting of Jesus, etc.

Also, shortly before she slipped into her coma, her boyfriend had given her a large full length antique mirror, which now dominated her room. It was an old piece, well made and beautifully crafted. Frost performed some investigative magic, checking the room for supernatural residue, but found little. The room was pretty normal, and the mirror was mundane, but its surface did have some evidence of Faerie magic.

With little to go on, the decided to go and talk to the boyfriend to find out more about the mirror.



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