Dresden FATE

The Funeral

The supernatural powers of San Francisco meet to say goodby

The group returned from the Nevernever to find that Fugro Pelagros had been attacked, and that Adjai, the head of security for Fugro Pelagros, and a number of other employees had been killed in the attack. The Rod of Jeigri and the rings that the group had recovered had not been lost to the enemy, thanks to a ward spell that protected them. This spell “shunted” the rings and rod to locations unknown by the employees, but into the hands of random security teams around the world.

A few weeks after the attack, the group was invited to a funeral service for Adjai, to be held at Stinson Beach, north of San Francisco. The group assembled as the sun set. They were initially confronted by an unnamed Fae in dark gray armor tinged with bright blue. As the newcomer was about to speak – or snarl something to Merovic, they were interrupted by a large man in a black kimono. He introduced himself as Ryujin and explained that he would be keeping the peace and making sure that there would be no fighting during the event.

Several other people showed up for the funeral – Alessandra and Rinaldo of the Red Court, Isabella of the White Court, Pohl, King Ekavir and Queen Anoujh of the Naga, Diane of the Summer Court, Drago of the Carolingians, Theodore and Tremane of the White Council and a mysterious woman dressed in green known only as Shiori.

As the funeral ritual was prepared the scene was rife with tension as opposing groups were gathered in close proximity. Some, like Alessandra and Isabella took the opportunity to hatch nefarious schemes. Gustav, skilled in information gathering, took the opportunity to move around the attendants, trying to determine what the main topics of conversation. It seemed like Merovic was a popular topic. Drago was approached by Liona, but he assumed she was a servant and treated her rudely. Merovic moved over to confront his families enemy and assist her.

When the funeral rite was ready, the group moved to the waterline where the King and Queen had prepared a large turtle shell filled with oily seaweed. Adjai’s body was brought out of the water by Naga guards and placed in the shell. The shell was moved further into the water, then held so that people could say words on Adjais behalf.

The first to speak was Amarok Rei Nevasca, herald to the Winter Queen. He shifted from a humanoid form to that of a huge winter wolf as he moved to the head of the gathering. His words dripped disgust and anger as he explained that Adjai’s death had done nothing to change the Courts attitude towards the Naga, and that the betrayers had gotten what they deserved. The group was rather shocked by his venemous words. Others spoke, and then Adjai’s body was pushed out into the water and archers set the pyre on fire.



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