Ingram Roden

The son of the healing valkyrie and the grandson to Vadderung. He is a doctor, a healer, and a soldier protector.




-2 Thematic Ritual: Biomancy
Ingram has studied many cultures traditional and modern medical practices, resulting in a supernatural ability to understand the body.

-2 Inhuman Recovery
+0 Catch: None
Owing to his less than mortal heritage, Ingram’s body possesses a heightened level to heal itself.

Fate Core Free Mortal Stunts
*Monoc Securities: “Know Someone” trapping (Contacts) is now under Resources
Ingram works as a freelance west coast operative and liason to Monoc Securities. More than once he has had an injured operative delivered to his doorstep. This contact with so much of the security company has both paid for living expenses but also created a network of worthy contacts.
*Biomancy is Biological Wizardry: Complexity of Biomancy determined by Scholarship, not Lore
Ingram’s understanding of the human body and his ability to enhance healing is practically supernatural, but entirely based in reality. Ingram’s focus on real world issues has resulted in a metaphorical blind spot when it comes to the inhuman elements to the world.

Items of Note
-Well worn Gray’s Anatomy with handwritten notes (+2 complexity biomancy)


Ingram is the son of a well traveled doctor. As a volunteer of numerous programs (Doctors Without Borders, Peace Corps, etc), he became known for being willing to pick up a arms against those who were attacking. This interested Ingram’s mother, Eir, who also was that uncommon mixture of protector and healer. Together they traveled and raised Ingram who came to value the same ideals.

HC: Son of a Valkyrie, Grandson to Wotan
T: Protector

While traveling on his own, Ingram picked up many medical techniques from his father and the cultures they visited. Reaching adulthood, Ingram began to travel on his own and came across a small village where someone was dying of plague. No amount of healing aided the ill so Ingram attempted other, more spiritual techniques he had picked up. The plague demon Namtar spilled out of the dying and flooded through Ingram and attacked the village. A man of faith and steel happened to be in the village and the two of them were able to fight back the demon.

1: Blood and Steel (or blood and guts, or guts and steel)
Pro: When dealing with real world issues, Ingram excels
Con: When dealing with supernatural elements, Ingram is blind

Following this foiled exorcism, Ingram fled. He attempted to recuperate injuries sustained from the village among the Fakirs of India. While living there a pair of siblings appeared and offered to help him. The siblings possessed unique qualities that were more inhuman than Ingram. Together they were able to help Ingram in repairing his damaged body and soul.

2: Friends in High Places
Pro: Social situations
Con: Notable allies, friends need things too

Ingram returned to the village and found it changed in his absence. A man was there, near the outskirts, who with the knight defended and aided the village. Ingram was indebted to the man who turned out to be ailing, having pushed beyond his limits to help the village. Ingram expended a great deal of time and energy to keep the man alive.

3: Folk Trained MD
Pro: Skillful in medical practices
Con: Hippocratic Oath, Healer by nature

Ingram would eventually return to the US and take up residence in a home on the outskirts of SF. While there, Ingram made friends with a rare bookshop owner who was interested in the tales of someone who had fought on nearly every continent. In addition, Ingram had set up a small operating room in his home for the occasional “guest” of his grandfather’s.

4: Non-Fiction Adventurer
Pro: Skilled at accomplishing daring but realistic tactics and abilities
Con: One does not live long if they do foolhardy things

Ingram Roden

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