Arroccare de Avviare Poveglia

A tall (14 in) dark silver, gothic style cup


The Chalice known as Arroccare (castle) de Avviare (blood) Poveglia is a tall (14 in) dark silver, gothic style cup. It has a wide, decorative base inlaid with rich blue star sapphires. The neck of the chalice is tall, and is sculpted to look like a gothic cathedral or church. The cup is egg shaped (half egg) and is decorated with the images of 12 people. These people could easily be mistaken for apostles -their carving style makes them look very similar to “popular” images of the apostles. But if one looks closer, the faces of the men seem to change from peaceful to tormented in front of your eyes. Rising up from the half egg shaped bowl is a thin inner cup made out of what looks like blood red crystal.


Arroccare de Avviare Poveglia

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