This group is comprised of people who share a love of role playing games and of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books. We have years of experience playing Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop role playing games, but found the FATE system to be a refreshing and challenging change of pace.

Our group now consists of Merovic, a Malk Changeling infiltrator, Rafe, some say under the sway of his demon companion Faust, and Thomas Hobbes, a true believer and bringer of the Lords vengeance. Together they travel the streets of San Francisco, embroiled in supernatural intrigue and events.

The group has expanded to include Ingram, a biomancer with a guilty conscience, Gustav, a psychic who sees the past and the future, and Liona, an apprentice who’s teacher has gone missing.

The future is murky, but there are many supernatural threats that may influence the lives of our group.

Dresden FATE

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