Ashir Jacobs

Construct created in the image of Ferrovax the Dragon. Last remaining Sarkhan (construct)


Power Level: Chest Deep
Skill Cap: Superb (30 pts)
Template: Sarkhan (Free Form)
High Concept: Wandering Step-Child of Ferrovax
Musts: None
Trouble Aspect: I follow the Pied Piper

Phase One Aspect: I’ll never be like my parents
Phase Two Aspect: Child of Nevervland
Phase Three Aspect: Just say ‘No’ to Thugs
Phase Four Aspect: Wounds of a Friend
Phase Five Aspect: Friends in High Places

Superb [+5]
Stealth; Alertness

Great [+4] (2 slots)
Fists; Athletics

Good [+3] (2 slots)
Intimidation; Empathy

Fair [+2] (2 slots)
Conviction; Discipline

Average [+1] (2 slots)
Lore; Survival

Stunts & Powers
1] Feeding Dependency (Faith)
[-2] Inhuman Speed
1] Human Form
[-1] Claws
[-1] Wings
[-1] Cloak of Shadows
[+3] The Catch (against cold iron)
[-2] Inhuman Toughness
[-2] Inhuman Recovery
[-1] Fear Aura (Stunt: Stealth)

Physical: O O O O
Mental O O O
Social: O O


Created by fae, but also abandoned and outlawed by them, Ashir has rebelled strongly against the genetic/cultural traits inherent in his design, mostly by taking every chance he can get to exercise his free will (sometimes by doing the exact opposite of what his ‘instincts’ tell him to do). Though he hates the legalism and rigid, manipulative structure of fae politics, he often experiences personality ‘throwbacks’ in the form of ritualistic tendencies, a strong desire to make bargains, and an overwhelming need to fulfill his verbal promises.

Imbued with human feelings and raised among humans, Ashir is nevertheless an alien. His unwittingly-xenophobic siblings worked hard to instill in him a sense of his other-ness, which (fortunately) also strengthened his self-reliance. As he grew older his ‘unique traits’ become more and more apparent, to the point where he decided it would be better to simply leave… but his parents kicked him out before he had the opportunity to explain to them his choice. Ashir’s strange innate ability to empathize, as well as his heart-felt understanding of the plight of the outcast, led him to befriend other outcasts. Many of his best friends from this time in his life lived in abandoned warehouses and under freeway overpasses.

At age 17, Naivete and a bargain recklessly made compelled Ashir to join a street gang. Only a punctual & dramatic entrance and some sound advice from a vampire prevented what would have been Ashir’s first steps on a path leading to moral darkness. To this day Ashir admires the strength of Mr. Erebus’ character, especially in ‘light’ of his rescuer’s monstrous nature. Unfortunately, he now tends to over-react to anything that resembles, hints at, or even smells of evil. Mr. Erebus, and Ashir’s own reflection in the mirror, remain the only exceptions.

A year or so after making Mr. Erebus’ acquaintance, Ashir’s emerging moral character was violently challenged, in the form of a one-on-one battle with a man representing the forces of good. Fortunately for both parties, this duel was rudely interrupted by Red Court assailants. With the ‘help’ of his new friend, Ashir tricked the attackers into letting their guard down by pretending to slay the man of faith and playing sycophant to the vampires, thus giving tangible form to the truth of the Proverb: “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; deceitful the kisses of an enemy.”

Determined to dissuade a corrupt politician from tearing down the Ferry tower (Ashir’s first home after leaving his human family), Ashir stalked the man into his own lair. Ashir’s pride got him surrounded and outnumbered… but as he prayed for his life, he somehow found himself back-to-back with a member of the Merovingian family, whose agenda somewhat overlapped with Ashir’s. They accomplished their mission by assassinating the politician and escaping without a scar. Ashir benefits from this friendship not only relationally, but financially as well. Sadly, Ashir’s ‘street family’ has learned of this new friendship, and now most homeless people who know him (whether personally or by reputation) bear a grudge against him.

Ashir Jacobs

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