Changeling Malkovingian Infiltrator


Power Level: Chest Deep
Skill Cap: Superb (36 pts)
Template: Changeling
High Concept: Malkovingian Infiltrator
Musts: High Concept indicating Faerie parentage
Trouble Aspect: Liberty or Death

Phase One Aspect: Pride of the San Greal
Phase Two Aspect: Walking the Line
Phase Three Aspect: Thou Shall Not Kill
Phase Four Aspect: Picking Up the Pieces
Phase Five Aspect: Conflicted Spirit

Superb [+5] (2 slots)
[H] Deceit; Resources
[B] Athletics; Weapons

Great [+4] (2 slots)
[H] Burglary; Investigation
[B] Alertness; Stealth

Good [+3] (2 slots)
[H] Presence; Rapport
[B] Burglary; Survival

Fair [+2] (2 slots)
[H] Empathy; Scholarship
[B] Intimidation; Presence

Average [+1] (2 slots)
[H] Conviction; Lore
[B] Endurance; Might

Stunts & Powers:
[-0] Wizards Constitution:
Full Recovery from consequences over time
Long life – life span significantly extended

[-2] Inhuman Speed:
Almost too fast to see; Difficulty factor reduced by 2 when rolling stealth
Improved Initiative (+4)
Casual Movement – move one zone with no -1 penalty
Athletic ability – +1 athletics, +2 when sprinting.

[+1] Human Form:
Regular Joe – some abilities not available in human form

[-1] Cloak of Shadows:
See in the dark – perception not penalized by darkness
Melt into shadows – +2 to stealth while in darkness or shadow

[-1] Beast Change:

[- ] Glamours:

Physical: O O O
Mental: O O O
Social: O O O
Armor: Dragon Armor (+2)

Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 3



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