Rafael "Rafe" Reqiyad

First Desciple of the Void - monk who dabbles in summoning demons.


Power Level: Chest Deep
Skill Cap: Superb (30 pts)
Template: Focused Practitioner
High Concept: First Disciple of the Void
Musts: Changeling or Ritual
Trouble Aspect: Summer Pawn

Phase One Aspect: Way of the Empty Hand
Phase Two Aspect: Way of the Empty Mind
Phase Three Aspect: What Would Faust Do?
Phase Four Aspect: Chill Pill
Phase Five Aspect: Temple Dog

Superb [+5] (2 slots)
Athletics; Discipline

Great [+4] (2 slots)
Fists; Conviction

Good [+3] (2 slots)
Endurance; Contacts (Nevernever)

Fair [+2] (2 slots)
Lore (Specialty Demons); Rapport (Spirits)

Average [+1] (2 slots)
Survival; Presence; Investigation (Voodoo)

Stunts & Powers:
[-2] Channeling – Spirit / Force:

[-2] Ritual – Summoning & Binding:

[-1] Lawbreaker (First Law):

[-2] Inhuman Recovery:
Catch: Evocations (+1)

[-1] Wizards Constitution:

Physical: O O O O
Mental: O O O O
Social: O O O

Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 3


Rafael "Rafe" Reqiyad

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